Jelly Filter Material Quick Bacterial Cultivation, Strong Adsorption Capacity


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Product Name: Jelly Filter Material

Product Function: Quick bacterial cultivation, strong adsorption capacity

Product Material: Modified polyurethane hydrophilic sponge

Product Size: 2x2x2cm

Product Lifespan: 5-10 years

Product Quantity: 145 pieces per bag

Before use, please rinse the product several times with clean water, preferably with fish tank water for a second rinse before placing it.
It is recommended to place this product behind the filter cotton to achieve better filtration results, or it can be directly put into the filtration system or fish tank.
If conditions allow, it is recommended not to use a mesh bag (filter bag) to achieve better filtration results.
The filter material can be washed and reused repeatedly. It is recommended to clean/replace them in batches every six months to a year, without washing or replacing all at once, to avoid disrupting the ecological balance and water quality fluctuations.

Advantages of Jelly Filter Material
The jelly filter material has modified genetic molecules, which have a strong affinity for water molecules. With a small wetting angle, it can actively adsorb water molecules, exhibiting excellent hydrophilicity. Ordinary biological cotton, on the other hand, has a large wetting angle and exhibits hydrophobicity. The hydrophilic properties ensure easier microbial attachment and faster bacterial cultivation on the jelly filter material.

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