High-Powered, Quiet, Rapid-Cooling Aquarium Chiller for Coral Reef & Planted Tanks – Home Use Edition

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LG-CY300 Aquarium Chiller: Powerful Cooling for Your Fish Tank

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Model: LG-CY300
  • Dimensions (Product): 29cm x 29cm x 32cm
  • Dimensions (Outer Box): 35.5cm x 35.5cm x 44cm
  • Net Weight: 14KG
  • Gross Weight: 15KG

Product Description:

Introducing the LG-CY300 Aquarium Chiller, a powerful and efficient solution for keeping your fish tank at the ideal temperature. With its compact yet robust design, this chiller offers rapid cooling capabilities while maintaining a low noise level, ensuring a peaceful environment for both your fish and your home.

The LG-CY300 is specifically designed for aquarium use, making it the perfect choice for coral reef tanks, planted tanks, and various other fish habitats. Its dimensions and weight are optimized for easy installation and handling, while its sturdy construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

The LG-CY300 Aquarium Chiller help you maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for your aquatic friends.

Note: This product is primarily intended for aquarium cooling. For other applications, please consult our customer service team for further assistance.


Weight16 kg


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