Elite LED-Lit Seed Starter Tray: Gardener’s Favorite for Robust Seedling Cultivation


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Our Product Advantages:

  1. Larger and higher internal space ensures that there is no need to worry about stunted growth due to insufficient space during plant germination.
  2. With a professional germination spectrum ratio, the 3000K+5000K+460NM spectrum provides the exact light that plants need during germination.
  3. We offer an upgraded version with timing and dimming functions. It is recommended to germinate for 16 hours, with automatic daily on-off cycles.
  4. Featuring a higher number of LED beads, the power is over 3 times more than the market average, resulting in stronger illumination.
  5. We use the latest LED lighting products from Samsung, South Korea, specifically designed for plant growth lighting, featuring dedicated wavelengths, rather than ordinary white light commonly found in the market.

Accessories List:

  • 5 Seedling Lights
  • 5 Seed Trays
  • 5 Waterproof Base Trays
  • 5 Humidity Dome Covers
  • 10 Plant Labels
  • 2 Small Gardening Tools (Seedling Picker + Seedling Transplanter)
  • 1 60cm 1-to-5 Data Cable
  • CE and Other Certificates Included
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