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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Products of Aquarium,Gardening and Home Pets.

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We hope to utilize the resource advantages of Chinese manufacturing industry to provide high-quality products and professional services for various aquarium, horticulture, and pet enthusiasts, so that to enriching home life content, and enhancing the joy of life. Let everyone experience nature, love nature, and protect nature is our mission.

Our Company

We are a trade company located in Guangzhou, China. Our main products include aquariums, horticulture, pets, and home decor, and we provide retail, wholesale, or OEM services. Our team has over ten years of experience in aquascaping and landscape design.Our vision is to utilize the advantages of localized procurement to provide high-quality and cost-effective products for global consumers and customers.

Natural aquascaping refers to learning various scenic features in nature, cultivating water plants, and creating a unique and excellent layout and beautiful scenery in a fish tank.Moreover, it enables aquatic plants, fish, shrimp and other organisms to grow and cultivate together, reproducing the natural ecosystem.

This is a unique world that harmonizes with the natural environment and integrates the beauty of nature. The beautiful water scenery composed of swaying and healthy aquatic plants, natural and colorful tropical fish, can soothe people’s body and mind, and cultivate their sentiments.

Our Team

Share your ideas with us and create your exclusive natural style joyment.

Austin Wong


Tiki Young

Design Consultant/Operate Specialist


Logistics/Customer Service Specialist

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